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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Foreign Nationals Are Victims Of Human Trafficking In ‘Wa’ And ‘Kokang’ Regions

Sai Hseng Leng — Some people took the tracks through mountains while some crossed the rivers to get into Myanmar. These migrants are Thai nationals who have illegally crossed the border from Mae Sai (Thailand) to Tachileik (Myanmar), intending to seek better job opportunities.

According to Sai Kawn, the migrants smuggled their way, paying bribes at the checkpoints, from Tachilake to Mong Pawk in different vehicles.

Sai Kawn explained, “ Thai nationals have crossed into Tachileik through different illegal crossings from Mae Sai. For instance, some crossed the river while some walked through mountains. From Tachileik, with the arrangement of brokers/agents, the migrants are smuggled to Mong Pawk, in vehicles. At the checkpoints, they either get a pass by paying a bribe at the checkpoints or walking past the checkpoints” meaning the people getting off vehicles and…

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