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Monday, January 30, 2023

Food site dares ‘Thai culinary puritans’ to post their panang pics

Panang may come in all shapes and sizes, but an online food site committed vile defamation of the curry – and all of Thailand, apparently. 

Travel and food guide Taste Atlas has challenged Thais to post photos of authentic panang curry after its misrepresentation of the dish threatened to undo the global order.

“Our photo resulted in a lot of anger from Thai people. Non-standard tofu, even less standard lime and peanut decorations were too much for Thai culinary puritans,” Taste Atlas wrote. “‘Don’t f*ck with our cuisine’ – they said, and we respect that anger!”

It was a miserable looking red curry with slices of lime, big chunks of tofu, and peanut garnish attached to a Dec. 30 Taste Atlas story naming “phanaeng” the world’s sixth best dish that sent Thai foodies into a spicy froth. The misrepresentation drew fury from thousands of…

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