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“Fandom” is another marketing strategy that will build long-lasting brand love.

ASEAN Hakuhodo Living Research Institute or Hill ASEAN released the results of a study on consumer behavior in ASEAN (ASEAN Sei-katsu-sha) on the topic. “In depth about fandom: the base of a new group of people. to drive ASEAN society” by lifestyle analysis thought perspective and behaviors that are ready to crystallize as a guideline for further marketing in 2022

From this research, Hill ASEAN has defined the definition of “Fandom” refers to people who have a strong passion for a person or thing. Whether it’s artists, idols, cartoons, sports, various hobbies. It also includes an empire or culture of a group of like-minded people that come together with a particular preference which in Japanese is called “Oshi-katsu”

Currently, people in this region More and more fandoms are gathered and become members. for many reasons such as “More time at home” during covid-19 “There are more ways to share information and gain access to what they love.” due to the prevalence of social networks and websites that collect free video clips for everyone to access, including “There are more ways to express your preferences.” Helping this group of people create content in video and image formats themselves. This research also indicates that Not only do these people have a passion for what they love. but also take time to share this happiness with friends Born into a positive force that nurtures the fandom empire to grow. and support each other

What is a fandom?

an obsession or admiration for one or more things influencing the way of life of a person as well as the interaction of people with the same passion There are many variations in the way of life here. From how people interact to earn extra income from the things they love.

  • Fandom Sei-katsu-sha: Each member who is in a fandom.
  • Fandom Topic: The topic of fandom interests. or what they love and adore
  • Fandom community: A community of fandom members. which will vary in terms of size and individuality Some groups may be clearly organized in the form of fan clubs, guild groups, and some may be ambiguous. Even the fandom members don’t even know that they are in that group.

Hill ASEAN conducted a quantitative research survey and interviewed fandom samples in 6 ASEAN countries and Japan*1. It covers a wide range of topics, including motivation for getting them together, activities within the fandom, the benefits of joining a fandom. including the structure and values ​​of the fandom community

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What ASEAN fandom members get by joining together It’s not just about having fun or being a way to relieve stress from everyday life, it’s also about “self-fulfilling” by seeking new aspects of life, doing what your heart desires. and reinforcing its own advantages. Hill ASEAN also found that fandoms have a feeling of being connected to each other as if they were “family members” where community members would wait and see. “Helping each other wholeheartedly” without expecting anything in return

In addition, the fandom community also believes in “The power of fans” and love to make a difference in the world. more than that Each member also plays a role in promoting and developing the fandom they love. “Ideal society” or “Utopia” where all members are equal without racial discrimination It’s like everyone’s stronghold. In today’s era where most fandom communities are online Communication between them is open and free. There are absolutely no restrictions on age, gender, race or social status.

On the other hand, the motivation that led these people to join the fandom mentioned above was also reflects that They have hopes and desires that cannot be fulfilled or fulfilled in the real world. due to economic inequality that will only continue to increase During the COVID-19 outbreak Including many social issues that have long been rooted in the ASEAN region, such as political, environmental, gender, and human rights issues that ordinary people cannot solve with their own strength.

For this reason, the fandom kingdom in ASEAN is like a utopia where everyone is equal. And a new world that provides them with economic opportunities and survival. Hill ASEAN calls the fandom that can attract ASEAN consumers like this. “MATTER-VERSE” or “Value Universe”, which means an ideal community where everyone’s wishes are fulfilled.

MATTER-VERSE” : An ideal community where Everyone’s “desires” that are difficult to fulfill in the real world will be fulfilled.

ASEAN consumers join the fandom as well. The “desire” indicates that These hopes cannot be fulfilled in the real world. Because they do not have enough strength to overcome many social problems on their own. The fandom has become “Utopia or New World with Economic Opportunity and Survival” This will help make the fandom’s wishes come true.

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When asked about his favorite fandom group right now The most common answers were soccer, series, YouTube, K-POP idol groups, sci-fi movies, and tech brands. COVID-19 is “K-POP”, “games” and “cooking” for people in ASEAN countries who usually do not go into the kitchen much by themselves. on the topic of cooking Can be ranked in the survey, so it’s very new. Other fandoms related to “add-on occupations” such as “planting trees” to earn money from hobbies Another group found in this survey as well.

In Japan, the top 3 fandoms that are most popular are: “J-POP,” “Manga/Animation,” and “Games” Compared to ASEAN nations, they are clearly different. Because Japan is a country that produces a lot of content within the country. While ASEAN countries will be influenced mostly by foreign content.

The purpose of joining the fandom

When asked about the purpose of joining a fandom The answers were found to be diverse. Since it’s because I want to have fun and excitement in life. Want to relieve stress from everyday life or to kill time But what stands out most to the ASEAN nations is that more and more people enter the world of fandom because they want to “connect with others”, not just for personal enjoyment. This is in contrast to the raw fish land where people join fandoms because they want to have fun. some to kill time or alleviate loneliness only

Activity patterns and motivation to engage with fandom

Most of the fandoms in ASEAN interact within the community. By sharing information with friends and participating in various activities. through groups on social networks In Japan, fandoms tend to focus more on consuming news or content that interests them, such as watching video clips, following their favorite official accounts.

When asked about their motivation for participating in fandom activities The number 1 answer among the fandoms in ASEAN is “want to learn new things”, unlike Japanese fandoms who want to be number 1 for fun.

and when asked why they are still fans of the fandom The 1st most common answer in ASEAN was “Feeling part of the fandom”. On the other hand, the highest rated answer among Japanese fandom was “Is it a way to get ideas or Learn what they love” for Japanese fandom. “Feeling part of a fandom” isn’t even the main reason it’s in the TOP 10. ASEAN people join the fandom “To connect with others” as the Japanese join the fandom “For entertainment and stress relief” more

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Highlights of the fandom community in ASEAN

  1. “Equality”: To them, fandom is an ideal community (utopia) without discrimination or prejudice. Each was treated equally. Because everyone is connected by the same passion.
  2. “Creativity”: They enjoy spending time together. These creativity manifests when everyone gets to work together, such as planning an event. Design and manufacture of various products, etc.
  3. “Second Family”: For them, fandom is like a second home, where everyone “honestly supports each other” and trusts each other like family. They advise and help each other in all matters. Even if it is not related to the fandom
  4. “The Power of Fans” (Strength in Numbers): They believe in the power of unity. Together, everyone has the power to make a difference. and can bring benefits to the fandom and society as a whole

The three main factors that lead them to become fans of the brand are:

  1. Products and services are of high quality. well designed
  2. It has emotional value and a focus on action.
  3. It has an attractive fan community.

Three “key desires” that the people of ASEAN want to be fulfilled by fandom

  1. I have felt myself and I have value.
  2. has made something valuable and useful to himself
  3. have participated in solving problems in society

from researching and delving into fandom behavior New people’s power base To drive ASEAN society allowing us to see different perspectives of the fandom saw the advantages of being a fan or clearly in a fandom Whether it helps to improve the person’s mental health, such as satisfaction with their own life, happiness, or self-worth. It also stimulates imagination and creativity. especially among teenagers Fandoms can become a good support system, especially when their passion is not overly high.

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