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Evening workouts: A key to better blood sugar levels

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If you’re trying to manage your blood sugar levels, the timing of your exercise might be more important than you think. A recent study has shown that exercising in the evening can significantly lower blood sugar levels in overweight and obese adults. This finding is a breakthrough in understanding how the timing of physical activity can influence health.

The study

The research, published in the journal Obesity, involved 186 adults with an average age of 46 years and a body mass index (BMI) of 32.9 kg/m2, indicating overweight or obesity.

These participants were monitored for their physical activity and glucose levels over a two-week period. Using a triaxial accelerometer and a continuous glucose-monitoring device, the researchers tracked the participants’ movements and blood sugar fluctuations.

Why timing matters

It’s well-known that moderate to vigorous…

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