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Est Cola, the biggest brand upgrade in the past decade Challenging the black water battle, 57,000 million baht, receive the summer

Est Cola full of caramel Level up the greatest brand in the past decade moving forward to make a difference Adjust the formula – adjust the new look. Sending a hit campaign, highlighting the concept “Born to be Awesome. Born to be fizzy.. Dare to be yourself”, drawing representative icons from Asia, led by “Cha Eun Woo”, “Bogey Lion”, “Yes Indeed” and “3 young women. New Gen Volleyball” takes on the role of a new group of presenters. Flip the brand to catch Gen Zest’s heart and expand the customer base in Thailand and Asia. Proceeding to give away 1 million cans of Est Cola’s new fizzy taste across the country, ready to allow consumers to taste and vote for the awesomeness of Est Cola’s new flavor (Awesome or Not), aiming to become a soft drink that will please Asians. new generation

Ms. Suporn Denpaisarn Director of Marketing Office Non-alcoholic beverages business unit, Thailand, Thai Drinks Co., Ltd. said, “Upgrading the ES Cola brand is a great brand drive and covers all dimensions of the market in the past 10 years and is ready to aim to be a national soft drink representative. Asia that will stand and fight in the Thai soft drink market worth more than 57,000 million baht with dignity. By making a difference for the brand through taking lessons from success, challenges and capturing the insights of Asian youth that everyone has their own awesomeness, not necessarily perfect. I just wanted to express myself in my own way. and want the opportunity to follow the passion Under the communications campaign ‘Born to be Awesome, born to be sassy.. dare to be yourself’”

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Open 3 awesomeness that will make a difference “Awesome Taste” “Awesome Look” “Awesome Campaign”

Over the years, a new generation of young and talented Asians have emerged on the global stage. Including recognition and popularity around the world. Especially soft power in entertainment, music, sports, fashion, food, etc. Est Cola, which supports the courage and self-worth of the new generation. Therefore, he created the communication campaign “Born to be Awesome. Born to be awesome.. Dare to be yourself” to differentiate Est Cola by positioning it as a friend of the new generation. Especially the Gen Zest group (Gen Z+est), where the brand is ready to support every passion of the new generation. to have the courage to express awesomeness in their own way

  • The 1st Awesomeness Awesome Taste: A new est cola recipe adapted from consumer recommendation. Est Cola’s product development team has hand-picked some of Asia’s most popular spices, including cinnamon, cloves and cola seeds. Perfectly blended until the taste is mellow, aromatic, delicious, fizzy, refreshed by the latest version of Est Cola. Through research on consumer satisfaction across the country together with Ipsos Thailand Co., Ltd. received a satisfaction score of up to 98% (Research conducted in February 2022).
  • The 2nd Awesome Awesome Look: Comes with a new logo design with both lines and colors reflecting modernity combined with a touch of modern Asian style. And the same logo is applied to both cola and colored water. Comes in packaging designed with sparkling graphics and colors. reflecting coolness, modernity, fizzy, refreshing, which is the distinctiveness of est perfectly in all flavors (S Cola, S Cola, Sugar Free, Strawberry Sorbet, Scream Soda Sorbet, Orange Sorrel Sor Tie Lychee Grape Berry Escamikaze Esp Pink Bomb and lemon-lime sage)
  • Awesomeness 3rd Awesome Campaign: Send a campaign that hits Gen Zest to expand customer base in both Thailand and Asia. Draw idols representing the new generation of Asians, both Korean and Thai. The most popular in each industry, led by “Cha Eun Woo”, the ultimate Asian superstar, “Bogey Lion”, the best female singer of the year. The owner of the hit song “Yes Indeed”, the best new band. who created the Siamese split phenomenon and “3 New Gen Volleyball Players”, the ultimate new bloodline volleyball players that combines the power of Thai people from all over the country to cheer Gathered together for the first time in the “EST Cola Born to be Awesome” commercial to invite the new generation, Gen Zest, to taste the fizzy taste of EST Cola and dare to be yourself.
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In addition, the Vote Awesome or not campaign is also launched nationwide to vote for the awesome deliciousness of the new ES Cola recipe by simply scanning the QR Code on the ES packaging of all sizes. To be a part of expressing your opinion on the new flavor of Est Cola and giving away more than 1 million cans of product samples nationwide. And many other activities such as road shows targeting Gen Z in schools and universities. Including joining hands with partner restaurant channels such as Grab Food, etc. Order food, get free immediately, 1 can of ES Cola to drink with the meal. And there are also plans to open the Awesome Stage for Gen Zest to show off their boldness.

According to data from Nielsen IQ (January-December 2022), the soft drink market is worth 57,000 million baht Volume growth was 2%, with Est Cola having a market share of 8%, growing 9% over the same period last year.


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