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Elegant reinvention

The stunning main dining area.

Let me begin this review by disregarding any culinary knowledge you may have about the restaurant by the name of Osha.

Other than inheriting an extravagant interior setting and perhaps the name from the previous tenant, the Royal Osha is not related to the original eatery in San Francisco in any way.

The two-month-old restaurant is a Thai-themed fine-dining restaurant and the new home of Michelin-starred chef Vichit Mukura, one of Thailand’s most-celebrated masters.

At the new restaurant, chef Vichit, 56, highlights classic Thai flavours through an elegant presentation of haute cuisine as part of his quest to add more value to Thai food, which is already popular across the world.

The chef’s table meal is one of the culinary highlights at the Royal Osha. The…

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