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Eat your vegetables! Or don’t, with this new sauce

PHOTO: A new sauce may be a health godsend for vegetable haters. (via Sunshine Coast Dietics)

Science has come up with a solution for all the vegetable haters out there – “Sauce Son Phak” (vegetables hidden in sauce). This new product, developed by Innobic (Asia), the life science branch of oil and gas titan PTT, in collaboration with researchers at Mahidol University, is for all the people who would rather eat dirt than vegetables.

According to the researchers at the Institute of Nutrition, the sauce can replace eating vegetables with a similar nutritional value cleverly hidden in the sauce made of various kinds of vegetables. Innobic and Mahidol University recently sealed the deal to bring the revolutionary sauce to the masses, and it’s expected to be available in stores by the third quarter of this year.

If you hate eating your veggies, you aren’t alone. Studies show…

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