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Durian: Can The King of Fruits kill you when you drink alcohol?

Durian, the notorious “king of fruits,” is a culinary adventure synonymous with Thailand. Its spiky exterior hides a creamy, custard-like flesh with a flavor that’s been described as anything from sweet caramel to pungent onion. Durian has a devoted following throughout Thailand, where it’s enjoyed in everything from ice cream to savory curries. But what happens when this tropical king encounters the fermented grape’s spirited companion – alcohol?

Lethal combination?

Rumors of a lethal combination have swirled for years, suggesting that mixing durian and alcohol could be a recipe for disaster. In Thailand, where durian is practically a national treasure, these rumors are taken quite seriously. While the scientific evidence doesn’t point to a fatal outcome, there’s no denying that this pairing can be a wild ride for your body.

So, what’s the fuss about? Durian…

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