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Double trouble

A variety of random characters and items — Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro González, Japanese comic character Perman, Snow White, popular Glico Japanese snack Pocky and an ATM — appear in the painting Justice Pillar from the collection “Doppelgänger” created by Verapong Sritrakoolkitjakarn, better known as Verapong VS Ayino. On view until Sunday at Kawit Studio & Gallery, “Doppelgänger” displays six oil-on-linen paintings and six woodcut artworks. Each artwork depicts subjects related to Verapong’s interests including historical figures, Japanese and Walt Disney cartoon characters and things around us. Meaning a biologically unrelated lookalike or a double, the word doppelgänger is German, but Verapong sees it often when he reads Japanese comic books.

“I saw this word from a ghost comic where a character finds his/her double character…

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