Defamation Visa 50,000 baht for two years.


Written By Bryan Flowers

This is a bit of fun, I do not recommend it.

Last night I was at an entrepreneurs meeting and one of the guys asked across the table about visa solutions. I joked with him that he should assault someone and then he won’t need a visa until the case is closed.

Then the lawyer sat next to me joined in, he said if it’s assault or theft then it’s a crime that can’t be settled with any financial compensation, but if it’s defamation, the other person can drop it at the end and he’s received any compensation he accepts (100 baht anyone?) and it’s no longer a crime.

Approximate costs 50,000 – 120,000 baht to pay minimum costs.

First court 12-16 months
Extensions waiting for appeal 3-6 months
Appeal – 12 months

Total time for two levels of court 27-32 months

Supreme court will not take it on, so that’s not an option.

Thank you to Thailand Bail for the technical information, please do not contact them about this as its not a service lol.  They specialise in criminal law and have helped out many people that have come through me.

Has anyone done this? lol