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“Colonel Ying-Kun Chom Phalang” deviates from the NACC, calling “Jae Nut” to clarify.

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8 Sep. 2022 1:04 p.m.

Pol Gen Sereepisut Temeiwes, chairman of the NACC, revealed “Colonel Ying-Kun Chom Phalang” deviates from the NACC believes fear of influence He summoned Je Nut-related person to clarify the knot in the police, taunting other committees, not doing the investigation.

At 09.25 am on September 8, 2022 at the National Assembly.Sereepisut Temeiwes list of MPs and the leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party (Public Organization) as chairman of the Commission on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct The House of Representatives (NACC) discussed the case of inviting Lt. Col. Pattama Sirirat and Mr. Kanthat. Pongpaiboonwet or Kan Jomphalang, along with a lawyer, provided information to the NACC. Today that from the staff contacted to invite Lieutenant Colonel Pattama and Mr. Kanthat come on The committee initially We consider that Such a female lieutenant and lawyers afraid of the influence, which the NACC will do the invitation again Today we will leave it first. Because this matter can still find the facts from other people first.

“Therefore, the committee meeting today will have a resolution to invite the female Pol.L.T. Kornsiri Buayam As a police officer by a special method and go to ISOC with a special method Salary and compensation are received. By not going to perform duties including inviting the commander of the personnel office The Royal Thai Police (NSTDA) is responsible for the recruitment and appointment of police officers Commissioner of the Office of Budget and Finance, NBTC, who is responsible for paying salaries and special payments to police officials including the Chief of Police to come to the facts honestly for the truth to appear The National Police Commissioner who is the person who approves these came into service We will not invite you to give information at this time, then the committee will invite the military to provide information. To prove how Lt. Col. Pattama entered the military. Why are salary deductions and payroll transfers? Pol. Lt. Col. Yingkonsiri, the relevant senators will be invited to provide further information later. We ask that we have clear evidence here first,” said the chairman of the NACC.

When asked whether there will be information coordination with other committees such as the Military Committee, the House of Representatives or the Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee House of Representatives or not, Pol Gen Sereepisuth said that he thinks there is no need to coordinate information. because other committees He didn’t know his duty. And he has no duty to investigate in this matter, for example, the Department of Laws is responsible for considering legal policy guidelines. Not to carry out the duty offensively. As for the military committee, it has a duty to operate on military affairs and national security.

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