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College romance K-dramas to watch

While there is no denying that K-dramas excel in all genres, the college romance K-drama section has a fanbase of its own. Along with fresh storylines and intense emotions that depict the complications of teenage love, Korean college romances belong to a league of dramas that are likely to leave your heart craving for more.

Leading our list is the Song Kang and Han So-hee starrer 2021 Netflix hit Nevertheless. One of the famous Korean college romance dramas, Nevertheless is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by artist Jung Seo.

Talking about his role Jae-on in drama, Song Kang said in a press conference (via K-media outlet K-popped), “When I first read the script, though it may seem like a normal college romance, I truly felt it was different. You still get the sweet romance that we typically expect, but also elements that set it apart and make it stand out. Jae-on…

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