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Chiang Mai student activist Light candles in remembrance of Bung Talu Wang.

Activists and students at Chiang Mai University put flowers together and light candles to mourn Sung Talu Wang at Tha Phae Gate.

At 7:00 p.m. on May 14, 2024, Chiang Mai University students and democratic movement groups put flowers together and light candles in remembrance of Bung Taluwang or Netiporn Sanae Sangkhom, a political activist. At the Tha Phae Gate area, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province, after the explosion which was prosecuted in 7 cases, including Section 112, before Bung was sentenced to prison for contempt of court And the court ordered the revocation of bail, which caused Bung to go on hunger strike. From January 27, 2024 to call for reform of the justice system. And there must be no political dissidents imprisoned in the future. Bung starved for a total of 110 days until he died. Shock, cardiac arrest

In activities, groups of students and the public Gathered together to light white and black candles. It's the letter “Bung” to express condolences. Then, representatives of the group read a message of condolence for Bung. It read: We express our deepest condolences. Towards the departure of fellow ideologues On the path to democracy who must constantly fight against political injustice We have always fought bravely and resolutely. We condemn the Thai government's unfair process. and the military government until the current government who use legal power to silence people By filing a political case Arrest and imprisonment without regard to human rights and freedom of expression. Including not doing the duty to protect people's rights and freedoms according to the spirit of the constitution under the democratic system. We condemn the Settha coalition government. who ignore and allow the justice process to take away the lives of citizens and must gain freedom through death

“Splash, red blood, dull light, secretly extinguished, the moon reigns in the sky. Loudly, like the echo of the earth, the stars from the sky have left and fallen to the earth, all friends and friends. Burned down and died, a dull life Farewell to secret friends Goodbye, dazzling sunshine The blood of the people plastered on the sky and the earth will perish, lose faith, and extinguish the spirit.”

After that, they stood in mourning for 1 minute before writing messages on a white cloth. express condolences and resistance to injustice that has occurred A group of participants expressed their opinions before going their separate ways.

Bung Taluwang was imprisoned at the Central Women's Correctional Institution. Since January 26, 2024, after the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court sentenced him to 1 month in prison for contempt of court. and on the same day The court has ordered the revocation of bail in the Section 112 case for participating in a graffiti rally calling for its removal. Senator resigns from being a national artist And the court also ordered the revocation of bail in the insulting the monarchy case.


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