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Chatchat pointed out that building a large hospital must think carefully and be careful. So I went to buy roast duck.’ Keep an eye on the brutal point – the high sea danger.

Chatchat pointed out that building a large hospital must think carefully and be careful. So I went to buy roast duck.’ Keep an eye on the brutal point – the high sea danger.

On July 7, at the meeting room of the Bangkok Council Irawat Pattana Building Bangkok City Hall 2 Din Daeng has a meeting of the Council of Bangkok (Sor. Kor.) 3rd session (1st session) for the year 2022 for the 2nd consecutive day. Today there is a motion to be considered. Draft ordinance on the annual expenditure budget B.E. 2023
Mr. Chatchat said in one episode. After the discussion of the Bangkok Councilors said that it was a discussion that was heard and felt warm, it felt like we had a team of 50 people who came to help look at various problems. because I want to listen and want to write down every problem Because it seems to help to see real problems, for example, the SAO. As for getting people to participate in the estimates, it is already a concept of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, including the matter of collecting lump sums of the community. to do something in the community, such as attaching a camera

“In the matter of lights in Bangkok, there should be 400,000 lights, in the area of ​​care about 230,000 lights, the Bureau of Public Works looks at 80,000 lights. The easiest may be to hire a private contractor. change quickly and get every start cheaper because he got a bigger job Ordered to the central area and went to fix it.

Residual garbage The big problem lies in the outer region. Not as many in the city Will be in the Sai Mai area, Minburi, a lot of chok, because the village has expanded more Not enough cars and garbage collectors. need to increase storage efficiency, need to hurry to fix

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Regarding the opening of the city, opening the masks, they need to be more prepared for public health. I agree. The most important thing is the 608 group, a group of teenagers, working people, even if they are not strong. but the group that brought the infection to the home Will be advised members to adjust more. Sor Kor. Khlong Sam that there is a proposal for the village community development fund of 200,000 baht per year. You will have to look at the details, conditions, whether you can do it, have a budget or not.

Finally, you have to see How efficient is our storage? To return the welfare to the people, the first thing must be requested from the central government. Basic benefits must be requested from the federal government. because it is the main function We have a budget of 80 billion. The federal government has a budget of 3 trillion. We’re just 2.5 percent of the federal government. But we take care of 15 percent of the population. If we have problems with welfare for the elderly, people with disabilities, we must first inform the government provided insufficient care And how will you answer? At the same time, we earn more income and add to it, that’s the way we’ve been doing it gradually,” said Mr. Chatchat.

Mr. Chatchat went on to say that the issue of ‘Lam Makhuea Khuen Road’ in Khlong Sam Wa district that people would like to give it to must be gradually done. Alley and lights will urgently take action for the Thung Khru Sor. about the hospital The adjustment of a public health center to a hospital is possible, it has been done in the past, probably thinking of the big hospital as well.

“must learn that Bangkok’s primary function is primary care. We take care of 100 percent while hospitals have beds for only 11 percent of all hospitals. Service policy must focus on primary care before building a large hospital. Must think carefully as well. Bangkok likes to build hospitals based on donated land. Some of the buses can’t reach. but the building cost is the same like a dipping sauce So I went to buy roast duck, had to think carefully about the location and cost. where is the best Stripping the canals is a big issue, with good results. The way of thinking is to try to adjust the overall picture to be more complete,” said the Bangkok governor.

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Mr. Chatchat said that Thawi Watthana District Office of Agriculture said that the city has expanded, but the resources are not there. Must pursue electricity, lighting, damaged roads, peeling pipes, peeling ditches, will do. As for the park already. Bangkok will improve The Thonburi District Office of Agriculture said interestingly about the Ratchadapisek Market, which belongs to Bangkok, is in Talat Phlu and abandoned, can be used to create added value if the railway has room for people to make economic areas. That would be a good thing. Now, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has to search for properties that are available. we just hope It is a source of livelihood for people in difficult times, inexpensive. As for the Ratchada Tunnel Been there many times Villagers complain a lot. There are still 14 big projects that have been delayed. Claiming covids, we have to move forward. earnest, adjust, abide by the contract

“The Sor. Kor. Phra Khanong District Talking about Nong Bon swamp is not finished. It seems like a long time. The salvage of the collapsed tunnel is not easy. Ah, more construction will be required. including school that is not just a source of knowledge but also about nutrition and safety As for the municipality to take care of the traffic Has already ordered, must take the school in Bangkok first. At the same time, let our staff sweep. Help to be the eyes and ears as well. not sweeping alone Also look at safety. Many things that members have said that the Bangkok regulations are conflicting, will go and see.

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As for the Sor. Kor. Ratchathewi district, talks about Ban Krua. Fire extinguishers must be consistent with each area. Explore the needs of each community to see what is lacking. Must have tools that meet the needs we are the same team Your information is valuable. is what we want to hear you reach the people I know people a lot more than me. will hurry to do it

Sor Kor. Sathorn talks about electric lighting. Khlong Chong Nonsi has a budget, will have to slow down and see how useful it is.

Sor Kor. Bangkapi talks about the brutal point of Bangkok Lamsalee intersection with a lot of construction If we go to rush Situations will improve

Rat Burana will look at the problem of land encroachment, Sor Kor. Bang Bon, high sea flooding problems The most dangerous future The sea level is rising, Thailand is at high risk, Bangkok, we have to set up a working group. It’s a solution to the government’s problems. We offer a solution that is not difficult. The Gulf of Thailand has a rural road. This road can be raised to be a dam, all the time, but must make a sluice at Tha Chin, Chao Phraya, Bang Pakong, like the sluice of London. connected to the dam But probably not our job. would have to propose to the government.” Mr. Chatchart said and said Yesterday was gone for 3 hours. All of them are written down. Guarantee that they won’t be ignored.



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