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“Chaithawat” points out that old politics viewed “Moving Forward” as a threat. The reason for growing fast – being too successful

“Tom Chaithawat” responded to the trend of party dissolution, pointing out that no matter what happens, don't worry, pointing out that the old style of politics looked at “Moving Forward Party” is a threat Because Thai politics and society are changing too much and too quickly, I am confident it will grow further.

On March 9, 2024, the Move Forward Party held a meeting for member relations and party supporters. Exchange and discuss policies and work at the local level in Mukdahan Province with Mr. Chaithawat Tulathon, leader of the Kao Klai Party, along with MPs of the Kao Klai Party. and working groups in various fields Join in the exchange with participating members and supporters. At one point, some participants asked the leader of the Kao Klai Party. Regarding the news that there will be a dissolution of the Kaewklai Party, Mr. Chaithawat answered this question by stating: I don't want everyone to be stressed and worried. Of course, we must work together to protect the Party to the utmost. But you must be ready to deal with every situation that will arise.

Mr. Chaithawat continued, although many people may be stressed and worried. But I want everyone to look back at just 5 years of a new future – moving forward. We have come a long way in making change. It has completely destroyed the belief that progressive politics cannot win. Therefore, no matter what happens, don't worry. What we are dealing with is because we achieved too much, too fast for them. We didn't do anything wrong. If you ask law professors across the country to read the Constitutional Court's decision, everyone will scratch their heads. I don't know how to teach students anymore. Can't explain the principles of the law.

Today we must face the sharp edge of the spear and sword. Of course, many people are tired, stressed, and pressured, but let's be happy because it means we have to do something very important. It was so significant that he didn't want to leave us. If we have worked for 5 years, no one has attacked us. I think it failed. Because that means we didn't change anything. He didn't do anything that scratched his skin. Until he felt that we were there, there would be no problem.

“But because we made him feel like it was different. Thai politics and Thai society are changing dramatically and rapidly. until it affects the traditional power structure that he wants to maintain He must manage us in every way. It will take all kinds of independent organizations and laws to stop change. and preserve the old political space of the old power groups as much as possible Not to be invaded and destroyed or threatened by new political forces. A new type of thinking among the people has awakened. A new kind of political belief that no one believed was possible.”

The leader of the Progressive Party further stated that all old politics, no matter how long they have been in conflict with each other, Sees the Progressive Party as a threat that must be dealt with, but he believes that no matter what happens to the Progressive Party The other side was worried about whether they could really stop us or not. Because what is happening is not just just 2-3 party executives. Today, the growth of the party has not happened because of Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat or Chaithawat, but because of everyone. And it will continue to grow. Today, 14 million people chose us, but there are still many people who like us and want to choose us. But I've never thought of choosing us before. But today I have firmly decided that next time, I don't know how many million people will choose us.

“Of course, we encountered spears, swords, and thorns everywhere. It happens because we make significant change and it threatens all the old politics that don't want to change. But looking ahead, we only have a direction of change that cannot be stopped any longer. No matter what he does with the Progressive Party Let us strive to move forward. Let's help make politics like this more settled. Let's help make that political party into the political party that the people want to see and grow together.”


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