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Central promotes being a landmark of happiness. With a big campaign “Central Let’s Celebrate 2022”

Central Department Store in Central Retail Group has laid a carpet to welcome customers after the lockdown has been relieved. and opening the country Stimulate shopping during the Festive season that everyone has been waiting for with the Central Let’s Celebrate 2022 campaign (Central Let’s Celebrate 2022), which is expected to increase shopping during the last curve of the year. This is the high season when customers come out to shop for gifts and share good moments together.

with the creation of Central Department Stores across the country Beautifully decorated in the concept of #HappinessIsInTheAir Marvel at the chic Christmas tree Refreshing with colorful flowers Painting by Thai people with gift wrapping paper special design gift card and to promote and support Thai handicrafts from villagers, communities and tribes in Kamphaeng Phet Province. with the introduction of pom poms Come to decorate the shopping mall to blend in with contemporary Thai art. Perfectly matched with the festival of happiness

It also invites you to pin! with the highlight of “Christmas Market”, a display of the signature campaign that collects the most exclusive items from every floor, every department ready for everyone to experience Ready to check in and share your impressions on social media. and shopping for famous brands that join the procession to organize great promotions Including limited edition products that are only available during this period. From today – 4 Jan. 65

Rawisara Chirathivat, Chief Marketing Officer, Central Department Store Co., Ltd. and Robinson Public Company Limited, a subsidiary of Central Retail, said about the special this time, “If you think of a place to celebrate Festival at the end of the year. Central Department Store is one of the locations that dominate the hearts of shoppers. Thais and foreigners have always been, because we always attach great importance to the happiness of our customers as our number 1 priority, and for this year’s high season

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We reinforce the Seasonal Marketing strategy and adapt it to the customer mood and current situation. who saw positive signs since the lockdown was released That creates peace of mind for people to come out to shop more, so the department store responds to the needs of customers. Delivering happiness at the end of the year Organize a big campaign for 2 full months, injecting full fun in every dimension. support increased purchasing power Starting with this year’s highlight campaign with “Central Let’s Celebrate 2022” that has created Central Department Stores across the country. Get ready for the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.

with the decoration of the mall Ready to turn on the music to create a fun atmosphere. excite The bustle of the retail industry continues to be colorful. ready to help promote the quality of life and prosperity for the community to have a career Sustainability Our goal is to create Value Of Central Of Life.”

Highlight of the Central Let’s Celebrate 2022 campaign, Central Department Store prepares to welcome shoppers With the decoration of the mall in the theme of “Central Flower Christmas Festival” under the concept of “Blooming” or “Blooming flowers” symbolizing the beginning of happiness. restarting again The special thing this year is for employees to decorate the Christmas tree in the mall. It’s like when employees decorate a Christmas tree at their home. The mood and tone that comes out helps create an atmosphere that makes the mall feel like a warm home for everyone. At the same time, the department store also brings colorful origami flowers that are re-use. Round 74 Central Department Store that allows customers to participate in giving freshness to Thai people together This is another push for environmental stewardship.

At the same time, it also promotes and supports Thai handicrafts from 10 communities, 4 villages and 3 tribes located at Khlong Lan District, Kamphaeng Phet Province. Bring more than 100,000 silk pom poms to decorate department stores and Christmas trees. including decorated on gift boxes for customers to send happiness to their loved ones in the festival of happiness This is considered to support the ongoing social assistance activities. along with business operations This is an important aspect of Central’s concept of striving to create sustainability for the society. and special design gift cards that created especially for this period as well

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“Clearly customers miss shopping. because after easing measures to relieve lockdown and open the country Including organizing many special campaigns, most recently with 11.11, making customer traffic return almost 100% during the past week-end. and for the last two months of the high season of this year We believe that the potential and readiness of all dimensions of Central Department Store Will attract the hearts of tourists from Thailand and around the world to come and experience the impression of the festival of happiness at the end of the year. With the destination being Thailand, we sincerely hope that the Central Let’s Celebrate 2022 campaign will bring happiness, bring color, and awaken the overall economy and Thai tourism to continuously recover. And at the same time, all customers can still feel at ease with the safety measures in public health that we remain the most strict as always,” said Rawisara.

Can’t miss it! with a display of the signature campaign in the “Christmas Market” that brings the most exclusive items, including popular products and the latest items Bring it to shop to your heart’s content. both Thai and international brands Including limited-edition products specially produced during the festive season. All in one convenient place And invite everyone to check-in the landmark of happiness in the atmosphere of the land of joy. with smile activity the whole parade and the Santa Army to bring fun And the joyful choir singing Christmas Carol with special activities as follows

  • On 16 Dec. 64, be amazed by the magic of the Flower Christmas carousel that stands in the middle of the 1st floor of Central at Central World. Waiting for everyone to come and take pictures of the impression.
  • 16 – 22 Dec. ’64 invite you to shop, chill and enjoy the moment of happiness at the Christmas Market.
  • On 23 – 26 Dec. 64, find Ab Fab Market, a chic flea market that gathers chic gift shops across the country. Come and join the booth for exclusive gifts, only at Central Department Store at CentralWorld.
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In addition, Central Department Store invites all customers to join as a giver. By donating every 100, 500 and 1,000 The1 points to support the Boy-Jab Car Kub Khao project, delivering dishes to communities affected by COVID-19 Through The1 application from 15 Nov. – 31 Dec. 64 and invites to share help between each other. Through the purchase of masks and gloves Central Tham x Qvira (Q Vira comes from the word Kill Virus), masks and gloves using Nano-Zinc technology that can inhibit up to 99% of germs, sold at point of sale and online. under the business group of Central Group

The income after deduction of expenses is imported to the project “Do it with Heart Fight COVID-19” (Help Thai Fight COVID-19) to support research funds for vaccines and drugs to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to 3 research funds, namely the Support Project. Research to reduce the spread of coviral 19 Siriraj by Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Research Fund for the Prevention and Assistance Project for the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation by the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital and support funding for research on vaccines and drugs to inhibit the COVID-19 virus by the Medical Association of Thailand under royal patronage


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