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Career hitch, 10-baht stabbing, drug row, hubby neglects sex

Kajonkiat ‘Oh’ Wichahong being nabbed for drugs.

Hawking the drug wares

A former inmate trying to get himself started in the drugs trade was left in debt to a friend after failing to find a buyer for a huge consignment of speed.

Chiang Mai police on Aug 1 nabbed Kajonkiat “Oh” Wichahong, 30, in the carpark of a city department store.

He was peddling a huge consignment of drugs, much like a hawker sells his wares, but had failed to find any interested customers despite cutting the price drastically, he said.

Police posing as undercover buyers made contact at the carpark. He offered them 238,000 speed pills for 3 million baht — a bargain, he said, as sold individually they would be worth an impressive 250 million…

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