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Career and Motherhood? The Women of Singapore’s F&B Scene Share How They Do It All

Olivia Lee-Lepinoy

Above Olivia Lee-Lepinoy

Chef and founder of SoGoodK

“Being in the F&B industry as a working mom definitely has its challenges. Running a business can be demanding and time-consuming, which can sometimes make it difficult to balance work and family life. However, I have found that with good time management, delegation, and support from my family, I am able to manage both roles effectively. I prioritize my tasks, set realistic goals, and make sure to take breaks and care for myself so that I can give my best to both my family and my business.

Balancing personal and work life can be challenging, especially as a working mom. To maintain balance, I make sure to schedule time for my family and for myself. I also set clear boundaries between work and personal time, and make sure to disconnect from work during my downtime. It’s also important to have a good…

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