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Bing gagged after ‘ugly’ journalist compared to Hitler

Microsoft’s new Bing search engine has been gagged since a supposedly dentally-challenged journalist was compared to Hitler.

The upgraded search engine with new artificial intelligence (AI) functionality, powered by the same kind of technology as ChatGPT, was announced earlier this month. The Bing bot was meant to be all about how AI will change the way people access information online.

Unhinged Bing gagged

When Microsoft then challenged the public to challenge Bing by asking “anything,” the PR team were probably well aware of the “disaster” that befell Google’s competing chatbot Bard when it talked some enticing garbage about outer space last month. No one reports on a computer getting its facts straight and everyone knows it.

Microsoft is changing the “ask me anything” challenge to an “ask me anything, but not too often” challenge.

There are plenty of highly…

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