Beauty based on ancient secrets


Since 2003, The History of Whoo has epitomised royal beauty through its majestic skincare regimen.

The government of South Korea actually commissioned LG Household & Health Care to create the luxury brand, whose formulas are rooted in traditional Korean medicine.

Age-old beauty secrets of Whoo, referring to empresses, along with the use of herbs from records of the royal court’s medical manuals, have been reinterpreted and merged with modern science and technology to develop skincare products for today’s women.

Named Thailand’s first “Friend of Whoo”, Taksaorn “Aff” Paksukcharoen represents the 21st century empress.

The graceful actress and TV host fronts the local campaign for the upgraded Hwanyu Imperial Youth Master Cream and complementing contour eye cream.

The concept of Hwanyu revolves around skin rejuvenation, aiming to help women knock off 10 years for a more…

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