Bank Account Opening


Looking to open a bank account as a Tourist. From Singapore.
Visa Requirements: Not required (for stay not exceeding 30 days for each entry and a cumulative duration of stay not exceeding 90 days within any six months).

Read a bunch of advices, think there’re some updates recently for foreigners looking to open a bank account in Thailand.
Was informed by Siam Legal that the financial laws changed a couple of months ago so they can’t help with opening a bank account for now.

Anyone with any inputs as to opening a bank account? I’m hoping for Kasikorn but hey whichever bank that’s app friendly and basic works.

Understand that I will need these things:
1. Passport copy
2. Not sure about residence if I’m opening as a tourist but I’ll just put my partner’s condo.
3. Not sure if I need a Visa (Visa free. Refer to top) ?
4. THB Cash
5. Endorsement Letter from Singapore Embassy in Bangkok?

Your inputs are greatly appreciated.

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