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Bangkok taxi driver brawls with passenger in the street (video)

A fight broke out between a Bangkok taxi driver and a passenger in the middle of the street last night. The passenger allegedly tried to steal from the driver.

In a clip circulating on social media, the cameraman shouts ‘Muay Thai!’ as a taxi driver, wearing a face mask throughout the whole fight, swings at the passenger and pushes him into the busy road.

At one point, the taxi driver yells, “Mother******!”

Around 40 seconds into the video, a passerby steps in and de-escalates the situation. Both parties reportedly then went their separate ways.

The incident happened on the Sri Nakhon Kheuan Khan Road in Talat subdistrict, Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakan province – just south of Bangkok – last night at 7.30pm.

Reporters travelled to the scene and spoke to “Bee,” a woman who witnessed the fight.

Bee said she was driving home when she heard a loud noise and saw…

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