Bangkok Is Engulfed by Protests. What’s Driving Them?


BANGKOK — Protests in Thailand that began as a student-led revolt against the military’s influence on the classroom have ballooned to encompass a sweeping range of issues at the heart of the country’s deep-rooted social and economic disparities.

The growing crowds of demonstrators who have been assembling for weeks at peaceful protests across the country have made three primary demands, encapsulated by the slogan “Resign, Rewrite, Reform.”

They are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former army chief and the architect of a 2014 coup; the overhaul of a Constitution he pushed through that took power from citizens and created an appointed Senate; and bringing the monarchy under the purview of the Constitution.

As the protests have grown, Mr. Prayuth has adopted a more conciliatory approach. But the protesters appear to be unmoved.

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