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Bali to ban foreigners from renting motorbikes

Photo via Torn Tackies Travel Blog

Governor of the Indonesian island of Bali, I Wayan Koster, said that foreigners will soon be banned from renting motorbikes and scooters on the island.

He said he will request all motorbike rental shops to ban foreigners from using their services. The governor has had enough of foreign tourists violating traffic rules…

“As tourists, act as tourists, using the vehicles prepared by travel agents.

“Instead of roaming around with motorbikes, without wearing T-shirts and clothes, with no helmets, violating traffic rules – and even without a license.

“They are no longer allowed to use motorbikes or anything that is not from a travel agent.”

Unruly foreign tourists occasionally rile up locals with traffic violations. In 2020, a Russian influencer came under fire after launching his motorbike off a dock into the sea as part of a stunt. Like…

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