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ASEAN to rescue trafficking victims from Chinese gangs

Thailand is a key destination country for migrant workers, human trafficking, and forced labour. Many IT jobseekers who end up in Thailand look to ASEAN to rescue trafficking victims recruited by Chinese gangs as slaves in cybercrime factories.

ASEAN is now to help rescue these trafficking victims reeled in with promises of high-paying jobs overseas which turn out to be working in a sweatshop, selling investments, or romance scams.

Thousands of victims

According to the Global Slavery Index, Thailand is home to about 610,000 human trafficking victims.

Southeast Asian nations are failing to protect people from being trafficked into scam networks, according to the SCMP. Campaigners in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have lodged complaints with ASEAN’s Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, as “no nation can solve the issue alone.”

Activists are demanding swift action…

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