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“Anutin” Sia takes a higher chance of Prime Minister – INN News

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August 10, 2022 – 08:04

From the phenomenon of the mouth of Sia Nu, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health. who went to blow up the saliva on the stage to introduce the candidates for MPs in Lopburi Province

by announcing ready to sit as Prime Minister Causing a huge hype in the sea that is about to have problems with the situation as Prime Minister for 8 years of Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, who has to wait for the Constitutional Court decide

After dropping his words in Ling City, Xia Nu, of course, had to face a big question, is he ready to sit in the prime minister’s chair today? Therefore, when the media teases by calling the Prime Minister on the side of Xia Nu Chom Fluw, smiles shyly before saying only “Shit da da”.

Then came to give an interview, avoiding Bali, saying, “Not being Prime Minister tomorrow, that is, after the election, if people choose 200 places to be Pride Thai, won’t they? But don’t just talk like that. because that’s the future We have to do a lot of homework.”

During the year 2019, Xia Nu’s reputation has grown exponentially. From extreme policies, including free marijuana, legal Grab driving, amending transport laws for the public

That year, the Superpol Research Bureau surveyed the public with questions. If the Palang Pracharat Party as a leader to form a government Who is the prime minister? Between Gen. Prayut and Mr. Anutin, the survey found that 63.1 percent said Mr. Anutin, while 36.9 percent said Gen. Prayut.

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In addition, the Superpol also used to survey people’s opinions. As for the list of candidates who nominated as Prime Minister, the people viewed There was little to the least conflict, 78.6%.

According to Anutin Charnvirakul of the Bhumjai Thai Party and 73.3 percent said Chatchart Sitthiphan of the Pheu Thai Party at the time and Mr Anutin were suitable for the post of prime minister because most people thought that compromise would not cause conflict. Connect with all parties

Political pundits noted that earlier, Xia Nu would be very cautious with his remarks about the prime minister’s position. Maybe with respect to the leadership of the ruling party and the prestige of Gen. Prayut

But today, which is considered a full downtrend of Gen. Prayut Also, if there is a political accident, the head of the administration must be changed. On the other side of the camouflage government, the only option left is Big Brother, Big Pom, Gen. Prawit and Sia Noo, just two of them to be the reserve prime minister.

Therefore, Xiao Young was a construction contractor. I began to think big, ambitious, hoping that I might have a chance. because in the past it must be admitted Pride Thai camp. Very fragrant. There are those elected from different camps.

The parade came under the shade of Sia Noo’s marijuana leaves. And in the past, we have hardly seen any conflicts within the Bhumjaithai Party. That would represent the skill of managing people of Xia Nu is extremely unusual.

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For profile, Xiao Nu graduated from high school from Assumption School. and graduated from engineering From a famous university in the United States, graduated with a master’s degree in the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. Thammasat University

have many friends including various soldiers Because of their classmates, DD. 61, they are military officers who queue up for many important positions. In addition, many of them are Red-necked soldiers. Or the Royal Thai Army Special Task Force 904 as well.

Xia Nu is wealthy from his home business, which is a construction contractor. until entering politics, becoming a stewards to be true or not Soon we will know each other!

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