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Thursday, October 6, 2022

After mass shooting, cabinet moves to bar civil servants with mood disorders

The cabinet yesterday endorsed a move to prohibit people who suffer from “mood disorders” from government posts.

One week after an army officer – killed two fellow soldiers at an army academy then blamed it on mental health, the cabinet listed schizophrenia as disqualifying one from being a civil servant.

The amendment will become effective when it’s announced in the Royal Gazette.

The other conditions that disqualify a person include alcoholism, drug addiction, and elephantiasis.

Thai army mass shooting suspect denied bail, placed in remand

Last week, Sgt. Maj. Yongyuth Mankornkim, 58, shot three soldiers at the Royal Thai Army College, killing two. After his arrest, he reportedly told the authorities he had fallen short of his goal of shooting 10 people. 

Yongyuth faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and weapons-related…

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