Advice on Thai girl appreciated: Is she just enjoying herself or what’s the deal here?


Hi all,
so it’s my first trip to Thailand and I happened to get a massage from a young lady (just normal massages from what I know – not a big age difference) . During the massage we started flirting, had some drinks after her shift and ended up at my hotel room (very quickly for my liking). Similar story on the next day. My vacation ends in about one week and I’m not intending to keep up contact afterwards.

But reading a lot of horror stories lately got me worried. So the question is, is she just having a good time or what pitfalls are to expect? (f.e. Is poking holes in condoms to get pregnant a thing or am I just overly paranoid?) – I almost would be happier if she charged me for the nights out, then I would at least know what she’s up to.
Thank you for your replies!

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