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Adobe reveals consumer study wants brands to meet individual needs rather than stereotypes • Thumbsup

The results of the Adobe study show that Consumers want brands to meet their individual needs. and rejecting stereotypes based on age reflecting different behaviors of people at different ages Therefore, brands should keep up with trends.

The main highlight of the study was that

  • The majority of consumers (86%) in Asia Pacific (APAC) want brands to consider and treat them personally with different interests and preferences.
  • 57% of APAC consumers have negative feelings about brands communicating with customers based on broad assumptions such as age stereotypes such as Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Brands will be able to win over customers by offering a personalized experience. More than two-thirds (69%) of consumers support brands that offer consistent, personalized experiences.

Adobe released a new study highlighting the growing importance of brands Able to understand customers on a personal level and communicate with customers on a personalized, real-time basis. The vast majority (86%) of APAC consumers reject stereotypes and want brands to Treat them as individuals with different interests and preferences.

About one in two consumers (57%) said they had a negative perception of brands communicating with customers based on broad assumptions. and age-group stereotypes, such as the “Millennial” and “Gen-Z” generations.

The Adobe study showed that The emergence of a new generation of consumers that are not categorized by age rejecting stereotypes and expect that various brands will understand them as different people. Consumers need to adopt the latest technology for customer data platforms. and create a complete profile for each client. to be able to deliver a personalized experience in real time.

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Duncan Eagan, Adobe vice president of marketing for Asia-Pacific and Japan, said: “Consumers across the Asia-Pacific region are calling for brands to Understand them, present information, and assist them when needed.

This is not just once, but ‘always’. To implement such standards, brands need to know their customers’ needs and tastes in real time based on customer data. Contact and communicate content in a timely manner. And expanding the scope to cover millions of customers is the next step forward in the future.”

It’s time for Get Personal.

According to a survey of 5,000 APAC consumers (2,000 Australians, 2,000 Indians, and 1,000 Singaporeans), three times as many APAC consumers (62%) feel close to those who are passionate. likes and interests alike More than the same demographic characteristics (19%), the vast majority (86%) of consumers want to be treated and treated as individuals with unique interests and preferences that differ from others.

continuous change

Adobe has found that consumer preferences and tastes are constantly changing. Therefore, various brands Therefore, it is necessary to abolish the simple method of segmentation. by age or other demographic factors. The overall experience of consumers over the years and months will inevitably result in more rapid changes.

The vast majority of consumers in APAC have a different view of themselves and their peers compared to pre-epidemic, and 79% have revised their preferences and tastes over the past three months. On average, the average consumer will have new interests. or a new hobby about 6 times a year, while those under 25 may increase to 10 times a year.

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The ability of brands to keep up with change is one of the key expectations for APAC consumers, with 54% reporting that they change their favorite brands as tastes and financial conditions change. to monitor data in real time And providing an experience that aligns with emerging preferences is critical to maintaining an existing customer base. even the most loyal customers

“Individuality” is important.

Today’s consumers have high expectations of the brands they choose. and want that brand See him as a special person like no other. keep up with changing preferences their personal habits or lifestyle and respect privacy Nearly two-thirds of APAC consumers (65%) expect businesses to have a clear personal understanding of them. and only present information relevant to his interests at that time. In addition, more than two-thirds of consumers in APAC (67%) have a negative perception of a broadly hypothetical brand. and stereotypes in communicating with consumers

A quarter (75%) of APAC consumers expect a personalized experience from the brands they share. And more than two thirds (67%) want real-time offers that are specifically relevant to themselves.

However, 20% of APAC consumers said brands It’s not doing so well enough. and does not try to keep pace with changing personal preferences of customers Constant effort to connect with customers to provide them with the best deals that interest them. is also the most important thing (more than three times) because most consumers want consistent deals. through screening to meet their needs as much as possible And it’s a more than one time offer (21%).

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Access consumer needs everywhere

Adobe Real-Time CDP helps brands This new group of consumers can be reached everywhere. The customer data platform allows organizations to review and manage customer profiles. along with real-time updates and refine customer insights using Adobe Experience Cloud applications that cover every step of the customer process. It is ideal for the personalized, relevant and consistent communications that today’s consumers expect from brands.


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