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8 steps to create an add on Instagram to make it pop • Thumbsup

Instagram has 2 billion active users each month. Those people spend an average of 53 minutes scrolling through the platform each day. With so many people in use, Instagram ads can help brands expand their reach greatly.

Step 1. Choose your ad objective.

To create a new campaign every time The first step should be to find your objective. The objectives should be thought of to suit this platform.

Step 2. Name your ad campaign.

Here’s a way to be something that reflects what the campaign is. Then select the relevant category and provide the campaign details.

If you select Advantage Campaign Budget, the platform will automatically distribute your ad budget across ad sets. Or you can manually allocate spend for each ad set.

Step 3. Decide how to design your ad.

In this section, brands can design their own ads or use them. “Dynamic creativity” The ad design is handled only by uploading elements such as images, CTAs, ad text, etc.

Step 4. Choose your optimization and distribution method.

At this stage, decide how and where to pay when showing ads.

Step 5. Set your advertising budget and schedule.

When you advertise on Instagram, you have full control over when and how much you spend on them.

Step 6. Target your audience.

Audience targeting is a way to optimize your Instagram advertising strategy, which saves brands from spending money on targeting everyone.

Step 7. Choose your ad placement.

This is where you decide where to show your ads.

Step 8. Choose your Instagram ad format.

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There are various styles Make choices based on the objective of the ads you choose. But the basic Instagram ad formats are as follows:

  • Image ads: It consists of a single image. So you want to make sure it’s an image that covers the intended content.
  • Carousel ads: Let users scroll through multiple images or videos.
  • Slideshow ads: Similar to carousel ads. But the picture will play automatically. (no need to postpone)
  • Instagram Video Ads: These video clips range from 3 seconds to 60 seconds in length.



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