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5 ways to relieve sleepiness while driving Even though traveling far, you will reach your destination safely and without worry.

5 ways to “cure sleepiness while driving” Even if you travel far, you will reach your destination safely and without worry.

Facebook fan page Drive safely by DLT Under the supervision of The Land Transport Welfare Office has given tips on how to prevent drowsiness while driving on long distances. The details are as follows:

1. Before driving, get enough rest. Getting enough sleep makes the body alert. You should sleep for at least 6-7 hours to help reduce fatigue. and increase concentration in driving

2. Have friends to talk to Taking turns driving helps to stimulate alertness at all times. Warn you when you feel tired.

3. Drink water often to keep your body refreshed. Prevent dehydration. Maintain water balance in the body Adds freshness to the body and brain Reduce symptoms of fatigue

4. Add caffeine to relieve sleepiness. Helps the body feel more alert. Choose to drink coffee, tea or chocolate. and should be consumed in moderation or eat sour fruit

5. Open the windshield. Taking in oxygen from outside Because the air conditioner in the car contains carbon monoxide gas, causing the body to receive too little oxygen. It may be one of the reasons for sleepiness.

There is also the Shisa Kanko trick, which is a way to reduce errors in the work of Japan's railway agencies. To help reduce sleepiness among train drivers.

If you're so sleepy that you feel like you can't take it, Park in a safe place or stop at a gas station to wash your face to refresh. Stretch for 10 minutes, but if you still feel sleepy Take a 15–20 minute nap and then continue driving.


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