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5 most epic spots to watch the sunset in Thailand

What better way to end your day than watching golden sunlight slowly sink into the horizon? With countless postcard-worthy landscapes, lush jungles, and expansive coastline, Thailand boasts some of the most stunning sunset spots in the world. But where should you go to get a glimpse of these majestic golden sun rays? Below, we’ve compiled the best spots to watch the sunset in Thailand when you get tired of Bangkok’s skyline.

1. Nang Yuan Viewpoint, Koh Tao

PHOTO: Nang Yuan Viewpoint, Koh Tao via iStock

Almost every part of Koh Tao offers some of the most incredible sunsets in Thailand. If you need something more hypnotic, however, you should hike up the trail leading to the Nang Yuan Viewpoint. The hike up only takes around 10 to 15 minutes. It’s a relatively easy hike, but you may need to stop to catch your breath. Plus, you’ll get very sweaty, so be sure to…

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