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Monday, August 8, 2022

4NOLOGUE Confirms Business Agreement With ABYSS Company Regarding GOT7 BamBam’s Future Activities In Thailand! : K-WAVE : koreaportal

GOT7’s BamBam

The two entertainment labels will be exclusively partnering for GOT7’s BamBam. As ABYSS Company manages GOT7 BamBam’s work in Korea, 4NOLOGUE, which is based in Bangkok, will take care of all activities in Thailand for none other than BamBam himself.

To add to this, 4NOLOGUE has gone on to make the announcement via their social media, which ABYSS Company has then gone on to share. This special agreement focuses on all of GOT7’s BamBam’s future activities in Thailand.

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4NOLOGUE’s announcement is as follows:

“4NOLOGUE and ABYSS will engage in the exclusive partnership regarding handling BamBam’s activities in Thailand.

4NOLOGUE will be the sole agency in Thailand to act as the…

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