13 Tips To Run Your Bar Down To Barely Any Profits


Reader Submission

  1. Attack neighbouring business owners on social media or in-person to your customers
  2. Moan about Pattaya in general and let all that negativity out online and with customers
  3. Don’t post any pictures of your girls
  4. Mix ladyboys and women
  5. Attack successful bar owners business models
  6. Market by price
  7. Complain about other peoples higher prices while promoting your own
  8. Focus on what your competitors are doing and rarely go in your own bar
  9. Beg for customers
  10. Complain to your customers why they aren’t coming to your bar and try to make them feel guilty
  11. Have zero personality in the bar, zero atmosphere and complain about Pattaya to ensure everyone avoids you on the off-chance you end up in your own bar.
  12. Make sure you never calculate the real cost of doing business, it ensures you can keep your prices low to keep your mates happy and keep the girls well away.  Because you don’t…

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