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10 strange laws to be aware of in Thailand

Be careful if you speak English using a microphone, you could be fined! Thailand’s culture and values might be much different than those you’re used to in your country. Therefore, there are some offences that most visitors may not know are illegal. Some laws might seem downright silly, but they need to be taken seriously if you don’t want to pay a hefty fine or end up in prison. Here are some strange laws you need to know before visiting Thailand. 

Don’t drive shirtless

PHOTO: Unsplash

With Thailand’s hot, humid, and dry temperature, it’s understandable that a lot of tourists choose to go around without a shirt. But when you’re driving a vehicle, always keep your clothes on no matter how hot it is. If the police pull you over for driving shirtless, expect to be hit with a fine or even jail time. So keep your shirt on and save your skimpiest outfits for…

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