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10 must-eat Central Thai food on your next trip to Thailand

We all know that Thailand is the land of delicious dishes, and each region has its own unique flavours. Central Thailand, where Bangkok, Sukhothai, and Ayutthaya are located, has a lot of amazing local cuisine that’ll make your taste buds tingle with happiness. To complement your stay in this region, you wouldn’t want to skip out on its most mouthwatering foods. Below, we’ve compiled the yummiest Central Thai food you absolutely need to try.

1. Pad Krapao (Stir-fried holy basil) 

PHOTO: Pad Krapao Freepik

Pad Krapao, often known as Spicy Basil, is a minced meat dish flavoured with basil. Some restaurants may only have chicken, pork, or beef as options. However, you can put whatever meat you want in it; for example, a lot of people prefer to use squid, fish, and shrimp. Basil, red bell peppers, green…

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